Wieliczka Salt Mine outside Krakow

Wieliczka Salt Mine outside Krakow

Wawel Castle in Krakow

Quick update

Just a quick note. The Internet in our hotel in Lviv is very slow, so I probably not post any pictures until we get to Vienna again this weekend.
Krakow was amazing! The main square was beautiful and fun to have an espresso and people watch. Got to see the castle grounds in Krakow and the salt mines just outside of town.
Next, we had a tour guide take us to Lviv, visiting some small villages and towns along the way.
Almost didn’t get into the Ukraine, because my passport was not stamped when we landed in Vienna! It is a bit of a story, so I will save it for later.

Kebab Tour 2013 continues!!

And that is all from Prague for now. I had hoped that I would be caught up by now, but since I am posting this 2 days into Krakow, I guess not. Depending on how busy we are and how ambitious I feel, there will hopefully be shorter, more frequent posts.

Alexandra enjoying a beer on the beer tour.

The next B is Beer, the most important “refreshment” during our time in Prague. Beer is literally cheaper than water and we saved a lot of money here. The Czech Republic consumes more beer than any other country per capita and they arguably make the best beer in the world. We went on a beer tour, visiting 3 microbreweries, The first was Prazsky Most U Valsu, which our guide felt was the best microbrewery in Prague. Next, there was U Medvidku, which is one of the oldest lager microbreweries in Czech. They had a beer called Oldgott, which was very very good. Lastly, there was Il Tri Ruzi, which made 3 lagers, and light, semi-dark, and dark. Dark lagers are traditionally only drank by women here because they are sweeter. I personally liked the semi-dark the best.

Charles Bridge

The 2 B’s are the Charles Bridge and Beer.

The Charles Bridge is named after the king that started the construction of the bridge, among other projects he saw as necessary to prepare the city to be the new political and spiritual centre of the kingdom. The bridge is beautiful, but very crowded, especially considering that half the bridge was still closed due to the flooding. About half way across the bridge, there is a bronze monument to the martyr of the tongue. Tourists touch this monument with a man and five stars while thinking of a secret that they wish to remain buried. All of this we discovered after following in the footsteps of hundreds of tourists that day.